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Ballet Instruction by Laura Rime

"You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams." -- Gene Kelly


What current and former students have said about Laura Rime

"I've always wanted to take ballet since I was young but was unable to, so when I found out that there was an absolute beginners ballet class for adults offered, I immediately joined.

Laura is a wonderful ballet teacher who encourages her students to be the best that they can be. Laura provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to her classes, teaching her students with such passion. I am so glad I didn't hesitate due to my lack of experience because I have truly found a new passion of mine."

  • Brianne Zugibe

"I came to ballet, and for that matter formal dance classes of any kind, quite late in life. It was impossible to find a local studio that offered absolute beginner training to an adult student at the time and, so, I enrolled myself in the only classes that existed which were taught at mostly intermediate levels. Determined to learn, I struggled through and gleaned what I could where I could.

Along the way I had the good fortune to study briefly with some remarkable people here and there and managed to build my dance repertoire enough to allow me to immerse myself in most classes with a greater understanding of the art form and what it is that is expected of me. Finding Lara Rime's class was a gift at a time when I felt I needed greater reinforcement of basic ballet technique.

Laura is passionate about teaching and always offers an instructive and welcoming environment that will keep the student moving and appropriately challenged. Her philosophy is that age and experience are not a factor in whether you can learn to dance or not. Her classes emphasize basic ballet barre exercises and proper technique which helps to build the appropriate muscle strength, balance, and form the dancer needs to move through space with confidence and grace.

In addition Laura has the talent to quickly and efficiently identify a dancer's weakness and put you on the correct road to building our strengths. Oh, and I must mention that Laura's classes are fun! I always enjoy her energy and appreciate her dedication. Her music choices are also always a pleasure. So for a good time while advancing your ballet skills I highly recommend Laura rime for an interesting and inspiring experience! On a personal note, I hope to be taking class and working with Laura for a long time to come!!

  • Fleure Nicoletti

"Ballet intimidated me. It's tailored to those lucky young, long, lean, and lithe swans who look good in spandex leotards, not middle aged, short, squat, and tight matrons who look better with spandex undergarments. After dabbling in various folk dances, I sometimes felt like the only one who had absolutely no ballet background, but that it was too late to fill that gap.

Laura’s “come as you are,” approach was so refreshing. She warmly welcomes anyone curious about dance regardless of age, size, ability, or disability. She just wants you to experience the power and beauty of dancing ballet with the best technique your body can achieve. Her analytical mind relishes the challenge of working with an individual’s physical limitations. She constantly adapts her approach so each student may do every movement safely with the best form possible for them. Taking just one class a week made me stronger in a couple of months. Gradually, I saw past my imperfections to the lovely fluid gestures I can now execute. Why take a ballet-exercise class when you can get more fitness benefits and learn to move with grace and joy by taking Laura’s class? If others taught the Laura Rime Ballet way, people would do it all their lives. I hope I’ll be dancing with her in my 90’s!"

  • Lisa Saavedra

"I never had the opportunity to try ballet and I was always so shy about it because there are barely places to start ballet when you're not 5 years old. Having Laura as a my first ballet teacher did not only motive me to keep learning but it also taught me in two years a really good ballet technique that when people ask me how long I've been dancing for and I say two years, they don't believe me. The way she explains the class and the way we enjoy it is what gives you motivation and makes you fall in love with dance, I can't imagine starting ballet with a different teacher. In other words, she is the best beginner ballet teacher I ever had."

  • Marcy Chavez

I have taken Beginner's Ballet for Teens and Adults with Laura. There are not many available ballet classes for adults, so it was great to take advantage of the opportunity. Although the students in the class including myself did not have much experience Laura was very patient. She always made sure that we were dancing using the correct technique by helping us one on one, as well as encouraging us and providing feedback to improve on our skills. I was not that into ballet but thought I should gather some experience for the other dances I do. I did not think I would enjoy it so much but instead I actually wanted to go to class because it turned out to be fun. I have taken other dance classes with dance instructors who were not as passionate and helpful. The instructor really makes a difference, even if the class is in your interest. Thanks to Laura I was able to enjoy myself and learn the beginning skills of ballet.

  • Kanariya Hillier

..."Thank you for a wonderful year plus of dancing ballet. I've never danced ballet before, a true beginner and Laura was truly excellent in her method for beginner students. I'm so grateful and appreciative that she was teaching, always helping me and the other students to reach higher. Laura is professional, funny and personal. She takes careful and purposeful time to explain what she's doing, to show you how to improve in the best ways, and is never discouraging. Honestly, i learned so much in such a short period of time. When i began to take some extra classes outside, every teacher was surprised at my level of skill in a such a short time and i owe that whole heartedly to Laura Rime. She is an exceptional ballet teacher, and just a wonderful and lovely person".

  • Sabrina La Mazza